What we provide?

The personal training experience in a group/team setting. This is not your standard group exercise class. We deliver a top notch fitness proogram that WILL far exceed any realistic fitness expectations you have.

If you keep showing up for one short year, you will be a completely different person. You will be stronger both physically and mentally.

How do we know this? Not one person who has completed one year of training with us has been anything but amazed with their new body, mind & over-all confidence.

How do we do it?

We will coach, motivate, and support you through this process. Our coaches are very passionate about CrossFit. This means we live and love to spend time and energy on making you successful at fitness.

We ask for one thing.....a commitment. Think about anything you are proud of (a college degree, a promotion at work, etc.). There's one thing in common with anything you are proud of...YOU WORKED HARD AT IT! It didn't come easy, it wasn't handed to you. At CF Milpitas you will work hard, but you will also have FUN!

Life lasting changes to your health are not obtained in a matter of days or weeks. You will have to do this for at least a year to get a solid understanding of what we do and make permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Not to sound rude, but if you're entering this thinking you'll just try it for a month and see how it goes, this is not the right affiliate for you. Think of CF Milpitas as the school of fitness. We have a lesson plan, and just like high school or college, we have a timeline for that plan.

When you entered high school, you didn't just try it for a month. You knew it was a 4 year process and quitting literally was not an option. Even if you didn't love it all of the time, you kept showing up and you didn't quit.

After the four years, you could use the knowledge you gained and start work or expand on it by going to college. We are asking you enter your schooling on fitness & health with the same perspective & attitude. One year and when it's over you can use the knowledge you gained to live a longer, healthier life or build upon it to an advanced student.

It's an interesting analogy, but simplicity is key for habit changes. If we minimize this to one focus point, we get these four words....... SHOW UP!, DON'T QUIT! This is how you finally get the fit and healthy body you want!

What's a 1:1 intro session?

During the session, we will assess your fitness level, teach you a few of our foundational movements, and coach you through a short workout. We will also give you a detailed understanding of what the CrossFit program is and why we do it.

This is usually an enlightening experience for people who have never been to an affiliate. Many who come in, origianlly think CrossFit means doing standard workouts with a stopwatch or competing against others in a workout. They leave knowing it isSO MUCH MORE than that!

If you really want to dig into the underpinnings of CF, you can read the revolutionary article,  "Foundations" by Greg Glassman (warning: it's written with some "trainer lingo" for coaches and trainers).

If you have questions and prefer email over a phone call, please contact vito@crossfitmilpitas.com.