New equipment just in!!...
On our neverending quest to give our athletes everything they need to improve, we got some new stuff in!  Big Stacks!! of new 15# and 10# rogue hi-temp bumpers!  Pocket Change!! We will NEVER run out of 5#/2.5# little weights again!  AND 2 ROGUE Barbell Banks, able to hold 9 Barbells each!!  Please remember to replace everyth...view more
THE 880 CUP...
Everyone is dialing in their nutrition and now we have something to TRAIN FOR!! From Coach Freddy Camacho owner of Crossfit One World: The 880 Cup is around the corner! This is a friendly competition between CrossFit One World, CrossFit of Fremont, CrossFit...view more
WOD 4/23/14
Deadlift   4 X 3
Strict pull-up   max reps x3
WOD 4/23/14

As many REPS as possible in 10 minutes (alternating)

36 double unders
MAX REP Power Clean 155/105

On 11th minute, 30 burpee over bar (anyway) for time.


Score is total REPS of Power Clean+30 Burpees and total time to finish. 

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