Austin Begiebing, CF-L4

I'm a CrossFit Coach, a husband and a father. I feel extremely blessed to be able to share my passion of CrossFit with others. I get to teach CrossFit to trainers all over the world as a CFHQ trainer. I work Level 1 Seminars, Olympic Weightlifting Seminars, and Coaches Prep Courses.

I am also the Regional Competition Director for the CrossFit Games NorCal Region. I have over 14 years of coaching experience and have been invovled in organized sports my entire life.

I first heard of CrossFit in 2002 from my mother who came across the website while searching for nutrition information. I was a trainer though and wasn't interested in another fitness trend that would just end up fizzling away. I didn't feel like I needed anything new, so I kept training with my traditional commercial gym program. As much as I turned my back on CF, it kept resurfacing in different ways at least once a month for years. Looking back, it is so obvious I was meant to do this.

I was in the gym back in 2006 and a CF discussion popped up on an online fitness forum. I was bored of my same old routine (you know the classic.... back&bi's/chest&tri's/legs&shoulders/cardio&abs) and CF was there to take advantage of my lack of interest in my current fitness plan. I did my first CF workout that day. It took me just 15 minutes. I was lying on the floor wondering how it was possible for a 15 minute workout to do this to me. I was a fitness professional and thought I was pretty fit. I knew instantly CrossFit would forever change the fitness industry. I started studying the CF journal and all the free videos I could find on "Foundations" written by Greg Glassman was and still is the most revolutionary fitness article I have read. I had to meet this coach and signed up to go to a seminar. I got my level 1 certificate in February 2007. It was a life changing experience in many ways. Since then I have been on a never-ending quest to improve my knowledge as a CF coach and share it with others. 

CrossFit has brought true "functional fitness" to the masses and I am proud to be a part of this movement. Whether you want to compete in the CrossFit Games, train for a sport or event, change your body composition, or simply live a life physically capable of doing whatever you want well into your silver years, I can help. I am proud to say that CrossFit Milpitas is not just a gym but a solid community of people who help each other improve on a daily basis. Come check us out!

 "Austin's ability to effectively teach & improve simple & complex movements gave me the edge I needed to win the CrossFit Games. His creative approach to programming is top notch." - Jason Khalipa - CF Games Champion, 2008 / 5th place, 2009 / 16th place, 2010 / 7th place, 2011 / 5th place, 2012 / 2nd place, 2013

Vito Taulealo, CF-L2


  Fitness has been a passion of mine for quite a while and after years of bouncing around different gyms selling memberships, personal training, etc., I began working for a new gym, and there I met Austin Begiebing.  He was another "fitness" consultant, my "sales manager" actually.  Little did I know he was more than that.  He bugged me about the new fitness program he was on called CrossFit, that it was the biggest thing coming in fitness, and urged me to get certified.  This is probably where my life changed.  Fast forward to 9 years later and  now instead of selling people bogus dreams about "Health and Fitness", supplements and large PT packages, I was coaching CrossFit classes on a regular basis.  Developing bonds and relationships with my athletes, nurturing an understanding of where they are in their fitness lives, where they wanted to be, and effectively delivering them to results, and optimal fitness.  The term "home away from home" although a cliche, is really what it means to be an athlete here at CFM.   The support system from everyone in this community is usually what most fitness programs lack.  I am constantly humbled by the love, support, motivation etc., that our athletes display on a daily basis.  Come and see for yourself, I am excited to get to training with you!!

Rose Academia, CF-L2

I am a CrossFit Level Two and NPTI Certified Personal Trainer. I do one on one training and coach CrossFit classes. I believe in the philosophy that your age in years is not what is important, but rather the functional age of your body's mechanics.  I love to help people and consider everyone I work with a friend.  When you join CrossFit Milpitas, you become a member of an awesome family community. I am happy to be a part of this community and look forward to working with every new friend that comes through our doors.

Margaret Brown, CF-L2

My youngest daughter was the one responsible for getting me involved with CrossFit.  That was back in 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. I have seen CrossFit evolve over the years and have been fortunate enough to attend the Games on four different occasions when my daughter and her team were competing. My family has always been my most important focus and my goal was to be able to keep up with my grandchildren but I have never felt stronger and more energetic than I do now. I am also an avid golfer and if I’m not at the box, you’ll often find me on the golf course – one of the ‘perks” of retiring from the corporate world.

I am a CrossFit Level Two Trainer and enjoy coaching our QuickFit and CrossFit classes. My biggest joy is watching our athletes set new PR’s and celebrating with them when they do. I believe we have the best CrossFit community of any box you’ll experience.  Our members care about each other and you’ll often see them cheering their fellow crossfitters on during a workout. I also am humbled by our members letting me know that they hope they’re able to do what I do when they’re my age! Just goes to show, you’re never too old to start CrossFit.

Becky Hammer, Office Manager


As office manager, I oversee maintenance of memberships and the gym itself.

In the Spring of 2012, I had visited my step-daughter in Portland and was amazed at her physical transformation.  She told me all about CrossFit, and I returned home determined and ready for a change. A friend of hers recommended CrossFit Milpitas. I had no previous gym experience and would be turning 60 in the next six months. Coach Vito made me feel capable and welcome.  Fast forward to 2019 and I am celebrating my 7th year of membership here at CFM.  I will be turning 67 this fall and am in the best shape of my life.  It is important to me that I stay healthy and strong, especially as I mature. I have truly found a second family here at CFM.  Our community is supportive and inspiring, and that’s what keeps me going every day.