NOV 26TH WOD. Featured Member RAHUL MALIK!!


Name:  Rahul Malik

Occupation/Major:  Computer Software Engineer
Favorite Movement/WOD:     Rowing and Squats
Least Favorite Movement/WOD:    Wallballs
Please tell us a little about yourself:
I am married and I am software engineer by profession. I love exploring nature and always ready for new adventures. I love hiking and I usually try to go for it frequently. I love swimming though I have stopped now :).

When and why did you join CrossFit Milpitas?
I joined CFM an year ago because I wanted to loose lbs, stay healthy and to gain strength.

What sort of changes have you seen or experienced since starting CrossFit?
I have lost 45lbs since I have joined CFM, I can feel more energetic and I can run and lift more weights than before. 

Do you participate in any other activities or hobbies outside of CF?
Sometimes I go to Bikram yoga and hiking on weekends.

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/CF Milpitas moments:
The coaches are very helpful and created a very friendly and motivating atmosphere. I participated in the event “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and it was really a great fun to be a part!!

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit?
I would like to refer CFM to every person who wants to be healthy and gain strength. In the beginning, exercises may be painful but NEVER GIVE UP and STAY CONSISTENT! You will definitely feel stronger!!

WOD (9am only)