The purpose of CrossFit is to be fit for life. Some of us, however, have a desire to compete. As Greg Glassman said, "Men will die for points". The CrossFit Games were born in 2007 and the explosion of interest in the Sport of Fitness has been growing ever since. Competitive CrossFit can be a wonderful thing.

-You can see how you stack up to others.
-You can challenge yourself mentally and physically under pressure.
-You can test your ability to work with a team. (Partner Comps)
-You can experience CrossFit community at its finest.
-You can use an upcoming competition as motivation to work on goals or to be consistent in your training. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

If you are interested in competing, no matter what level you are at, there is a competition for you this summer! Here is a list I have pulled together and there is one for EVERYONE. There is a BEGINNER COMP!! I would LOVE to get some of our members signed up for this. These beginner comps fill up FAST - believe me! There is a MASTERS division in some of these. Also, Rx, Scaled, Individual, and Team. Competitions with Pool WODs. What more could you ask for?!

If you aren't sure or have any questions about preparing or which one is right for you please talk to a coach. We LIVE for this stuff, so we would love to help every step of the way!