Do One Thing A Day That Scares You...


For me, yesterday, that was cleaning the gym refrigerator. TERRIFYING! Have you ever VACUUMED a refrigerator?! I now have. I try to clean something every day at CFM. This is in addition to the usual like endlessly picking up water bottles, clothes, whiteboards and dodgeballs (how to they end up under every shelf every other day?!). Some projects take longer than others. Some are constant battles. Like the daddy long-legs and their webs. Now, my degrees aren't in cleaning and pest management and I'm getting over my fear of dusty corners and crawly things, but I PROMISE you I make an effort every time I can to keep up with these web masters when I'm not coaching classes, doing intros, emails, social media, program planning, and other tasks that my job include.

I would like to mention a few other items regarding gym cleanliness. As you have probably figured out by now, CrossFit gyms don't have some of the luxuries a Globo Gym has. We have to be located in industrial areas in buildings without air, showers, and multiple bathrooms in exchange for an affordable location, tons of floor space, and tall ceilings for ropes and rigs. Not to mention a place we don't have to be quiet in. Most people see the value in quality coaching over having towel boys. There is dust and there are webs. It's inevitable.

Some things COULD be better, though. Coach and staff members make an effort to change/stock toilet paper when we see it is out. We cannot predict and be in the bathroom with you the exact moment the paper towels run out so if you notice, please let one of us know! The floor cleaners come twice a week which is pretty standard in most boxes I have worked at. They do a great job. We cannot possibly have them come every day just because someone did handstand walks everywhere with chalk. We wipe down the medballs, kettlebells, PVC pipes from time to time but perhaps we could do a better job with things like the pull-up bars. Some boxes have their members wipe everything down after using it. Do I feel each member should do this? Depends on your personal beliefs and feelings on germs, chemicals, our immune systems, and cancer, I guess as well as how much of a role you feel members should have in the cleaning process.

I will say this... some absolute without-a-doubt things that need to be a habit is cleaning up items that you bleed or tear on. No one wants your DNA. Also, if you excessively sweat on something, especially the floor, it would be a great idea to clean that up. I am not afraid of a little sweat but even I cringe when I have to do inch worms in someone else's sweat puddle.

Simply put, we will continue to make a better effort to keep the gym clean and I hope you will, too. Unless you're Vito and claim you can't clean well because you're a male.