Name: Melanie Sta. Maria

Occupation/Major: Respiratory Care Practitioner

Favorite Movement/WOD: Thrusters + deadlifts
Least Favorite Movement/WOD: Power snatch

Please tell us a little about yourself: I am married and a mother of two boys, Caden 9 and Messiah 6. I'm a Respiratory Care Practitioner by trade. I love trying new things for the first time. My favorite hobby is snowboarding.

When and why did you join CrossFit Milpitas? I joined CrossFit December 2014 because I wanted to get stronger and have a fun, constant workout in my daily life. I also wanted to learn how to lift weights properly.

What sort of changes have you seen or experienced since starting CrossFit? Physically and mentally I am stronger. CrossFit has definitely prepared me to do Tough Mudder for the first time this past summer.

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/CF Milpitas moments: Although I did not compete, witnessing my first CrossFit throwdown competition at OneWorld was an exciting experience for me. It amazes me how strong people are. And for that I am truly inspired! One day I hope to compete!

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit? Stay consistent and persevere! NEVER GIVE UP!