CF Milpitas Featured Member: Vidhatri Subramanya!

Name: Vidhatri Subramanya

Occupation/Major: Software Engineer

Favorite Movement/WOD:  back & front squats, cleans

Least Favorite Movement/WOD: snatch

When and why did you join CrossFit Milpitas?

I joined CFM in the fall of 2015. Although I was able to successfully hike up to the top of half dome, I realized how unprepared I was, in terms of body strength, endurance and confidence.

Though I was going to a traditional gym, I realized I needed to change my fitness routine and decided to try CrossFit. Few days after the hike, I spoke with Vito and immediately joined CFM.


What sort of changes have you seen or experienced since starting CrossFit? 

I’m definitely stronger and faster compared to a year before. I have become more disciplined and dislike missing WODs. I’m able to move out of my comfort zone and learn new WODs/skills at CFM. ROMWODs helped me with my flexibility and my ability to recover faster.

Do you participate in any other activities or hobbies outside of CF?

I love hiking, my default trail is Mission Peak. I do enjoy Yoga and Pilates occasionally.

I like to travel and explore new places. During my free time, I also volunteer to teach young minds about computer science and technology. 


Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/CF Milpitas moments: 

Anytime I get a PR or get a movement/form right (which is really hard for me!).

Thanks to the direction/motivation from the coaches and the company of some amazing friends, it’s fun working out at CFM.

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit?

First few weeks are gonna be hard, scale down if need be, but be regular. Understand and listen to what your coaches got to say. Follow your sport, have your own CrossFit idol, let ’em inspire you.