Top 9 Ways To Survive "Murph" and New Years Hours.

Thursday, December 31st NEW YEARS EVE - Gym closed at 2pm...
Friday, January 1st NEW YEARS DAY - Noon Class Only at 12:00pm "Murph"
Saturday normal (We no longer offer an 11am class on Saturday. Sorry to those who have been asking me. I was wondering why a few people were and I told you 11:00 is still a class but I guess not. I apologize for the miscommunication.)
Sunday normal.

Start thinking of your 2016 health and fitness related goals! I'll be starting to ask you what they are over the next week or so for our Goals Board in the office. My goal as a coach is to 1) help you with those goals 2) improve the gym's overall ability to perform strict pull-ups and 3) continue to improve the gym by learning, listening, and caring.

No Murph survival tips here. I'm messing around with some "Click Bait" headlines.

On behalf of our owners and coaches, thank you for all of the cards and gifts over the holidays. :) Your thoughtfulness means a lot!