CFM Kicked Off New Year With Murph. What Happened After Will Shock You!!!

Thank you for your participation in Murph on Friday! What a great way to start to 2016!

This month, QuickFit memberships are now available! Current members may still join for free, however, as a stand alone membership is $79/month.

IN PREPARATION FOR THE OPEN, THURSDAY AND SUNDAY CLASSES WILL BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. Don't get me wrong, fitness is a year round thing and a lifetime journey. We don't try to get you "most fit" before the Open, but we would like to give you an opportunity to focus on the specific movements and types of workouts we tend to see in the Open each year.

What is the Open?

Thursdays: We will still have a short ROMWOD, but the first half of class will be gymnastics and other skill work for movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, double-unders, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, etc...

Sundays: Will still be pretty similar to how they are now (supersetting strength & skill then MetCon) but the MetCons will all be Open Workouts from previous years. YAYYYY!! The Open workouts serve as great benchmarks to measure improvement.