5 Signs That You Should Be Registering For The Lurong Living Challenge!!



1) You want to eat better in 2016. 2) You want help doing so. 3) You would like others to help support you and hold you accountable. 4) You like a challenge. 5) You want to win prizes.

Simple as that! We have 13 signed up already and our goal is at least 20! The Challenge starts the 18th. You get to choose what nutrition plan you want to follow and what level you would like to do for the workouts. $45.00 Sign up here: 

After you sign up you need to IMMEDIATELY have me take your measurements and weight (before and after picture is optional). I leave Thursday morning so after that, you'll have to ask Vito.

QUICKFIT! We will be adding QuickFit classes at 11:30am and 7:00pm on M/W/F in addition to our current M/W/F 6am!