CFM Featured Member - Ravi Saini

Name:   Ravi Saini
Occupation: Realtor
Favorite Movement/WOD: Cleans
Least Favorite Movement/WOD:  Muscle-Ups



Please tell us a little about yourself:
Married to my Beautiful Wife Edyta who happens to be a CrossFitter now. We are blessed with 2 boys and hopefully they will follow in parents footsteps and do CrossFit in addition to other great achievements they will achieve in Life. Family First.
When and why did you join CrossFit Milpitas?
Funny thing that I first experienced CrossFit in India.  I had gone back to India for a year in 2010/2011 and one my friends talked about new thing he joined called CrossFit and I decided to try it out at the place called CrossFit Himalaya one of first CrossFit in India. And then I was involved in opening the very first Reebok CrossFit in India. It was great experience.


What sort of changes have you seen or experienced since starting CrossFit? CrossFit has changed my life for great and I think I like to believe myself as a Crossfitter now. I feel stronger not only physically but also mentally. I would be doing CrossFit till the day my body allows and trust me I will do this for long long time.
Do you participate in any other activities or hobbies outside of CF?
I love soccer and used to be more involved playing it but due to injuries I have minimized it in playing and maximized it in watching
Please share with us any favorite CrossFit/CF Milpitas moments:
Trust me everyday in CFM is like great/ favorite moments. I believe my wife and I have found new Family at CFM.. Love to All. Shoutout to the Awesome Coaches.

Any advice for people just getting started or new to CrossFit?
I am saying  this with my personal experience that first 3-4 months you would hate the soreness and would look for excuses not to show up for class but push yourself these first few months, and then you will love/ embrace the soreness plus would wait to see the next day WOD on Wodify before going to sleep.