But I only PR'd by 2 seconds


Over your CrossFit career you will hit many PR’s (personal records). When you first start there’s a glorious period of 6 months to a year where most PR’s you do hit show some major contrast. My first PR on a deadlift was 85lbs and within a month! Then another 45lbs jump 3 months later. The jumps in weight started to drop off and so did the timeframe in which they happen. Now at 40 years old and 15+ years of deadlifting, I shoot to match my current PR or go up by couple pounds. No more 85lbs jumps.

It seems obvious, but still I hear veteran CrossFitters gripe about “small” PR’s all the time. “But I only PR’d by 2 seconds, it’s not that big of a difference.” Fix your expectations! Be realistic with your current ability and understand a lot of those “massive” PR’s in the beginning were mostly from learning and finding better positions. Once your technique and organic make up are both humming in the right direction for years, large contrast in PR’s will no longer be a thing. For example, olympic level weightlifters work 4 years on 2 lifts and are ecstatic with gaining a few kilos. The 2 second Fran PR at 10 years into CrossFit deserves just as big a celebration as the 5 minute PR 6 months in. So when you hit that PR, when it’s the best you’ve ever done that task in your entire life, regardless of degree of improvement, RING THAT BELL and feel great!

What do you most want to PR next?? Post your goal in comments.