Austin Begiebing, CF-L4

I'm a CrossFit Coach, a husband and a father. I feel extremely blessed to be able to share my passion of CrossFit with others. I get to teach CrossFit to trainers all over the world as a CFHQ trainer. I work Level 1 Seminars, Olympic Weightlifting Seminars, and Coaches Prep Courses.

I am also the Regional Competition Director for the CrossFit Games NorCal Region. I have over 14 years of coaching experience and have been invovled in organized sports my entire life.

I first heard of CrossFit in 2002 from my mother who came across the website while searching for nutrition information. I was a trainer though and wasn't interested in another fitness trend that would just end up fizzling away. I didn't feel like I needed anything new, so I kept training with my traditional commercial gym program. As much as I turned my back on CF, it kept resurfacing in different ways at least once a month for years. Looking back, it is so obvious I was meant to do this.

I was in the gym back in 2006 and a CF discussion popped up on an online fitness forum. I was bored of my same old routine (you know the classic.... back&bi's/chest&tri's/legs&shoulders/cardio&abs) and CF was there to take advantage of my lack of interest in my current fitness plan. I did my first CF workout that day. It took me just 15 minutes. I was lying on the floor wondering how it was possible for a 15 minute workout to do this to me. I was a fitness professional and thought I was pretty fit. I knew instantly CrossFit would forever change the fitness industry. I started studying the CF journal and all the free videos I could find on "Foundations" written by Greg Glassman was and still is the most revolutionary fitness article I have read. I had to meet this coach and signed up to go to a seminar. I got my level 1 certificate in February 2007. It was a life changing experience in many ways. Since then I have been on a never-ending quest to improve my knowledge as a CF coach and share it with others. 

CrossFit has brought true "functional fitness" to the masses and I am proud to be a part of this movement. Whether you want to compete in the CrossFit Games, train for a sport or event, change your body composition, or simply live a life physically capable of doing whatever you want well into your silver years, I can help. I am proud to say that CrossFit Milpitas is not just a gym but a solid community of people who help each other improve on a daily basis. Come check us out!

 "Austin's ability to effectively teach & improve simple & complex movements gave me the edge I needed to win the CrossFit Games. His creative approach to programming is top notch." - Jason Khalipa - CF Games Champion, 2008 / 5th place, 2009 / 16th place, 2010 / 7th place, 2011 / 5th place, 2012 / 2nd place, 2013